London Day 5: City Cruise

We utilized the city pass city cruise tickets to go to Greenwich.


This is the Westminster Pier.


The journey was 60 minutes with narrations. It’s good information for tourists.


View of Blackfriar’s Bridge with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background.


A closer look at the supporting pillars of Blackfriar’s Bridge.


London Bridge (not to be mistaken to Tower Bridge) was built by the Romans. The current bridge is the 4th one to be rebuilt. It was once sold to USA for 1 million pounds; probably mistaken it to be the Tower Bridge.


View of Tower Bridge from the City Cruise. The Tower Bridge is 118 years old. It’s Gothic design is to resemble Tower of London.


Skyline views from the City Cruise.


Buildings in earthy tone. 4/5 of London was destroyed in a great fire in 1666; after which all buildings were built using bricks.


Modern high rises.


More earth tone buildings.


The City Cruise.

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