London Day 5: London Eye

Yesterday while strolling the South Bank, we wanted to ride on the London Eye but the line was simply too long. So, we came back early today hoping for a shorter queue.


Nevertheless, the queue was still quite long. We bought the combo tickets for the London Eye and Madame Tussauds for 88 pounds (CAD 145) for the two of us. The ride is a 30 minutes ride with 360 degree rotation.


While lining up for the ride, we noticed that there is one capsule that is red. We told ourselves if we were lucky, we would get on the red one.


Yeah, we got the red one.


There is a bench in the center of the capsule but we did not bother to sit down since we paid so much for the view.


View of the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament with Westminster Bridge from the London Eye.


View of a city cruise pier from the London Eye.


View of Jubilee Gardens from the London Eyes.


View of the Hungerford Railway Bridge and Golden Jubilee Footbridges from the London Eye.


Waterloo Bridge in view.


View of both Hungerford Railway Bridge and Golden Jubilee Footbridges and Waterloo Bridge from  the London Eye.


The capsule.


View of the Somerset House (gray roof) which houses an art gallery.


The capsule at it’s highest point at 443 feet with 25 miles visibility on a clear day.


View of the Waterloo Station in the foreground (rows of roofs) and The Shard in the background.


The County Hall, home of the state-of-art London Aquarium.


The 360 degree rotation came to an end.


This was the shot when we first got in before others got in since we were in front of the line. Each capsule can accommodate 25 people.

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