London Day 7: Hampton Court Palace – Part 3

We caught a couple of Tudor characters in the Base Court before entering Henry VIII’s apartments.


They are actors for the re-enactment of “The Ambassadors Arrive” show at 11:30am.


The Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace was used for ceremony and entertainments. The Great Hall features a carved hammer-beam roof, typical of English Gothic architecture.


Extravagant tapestries decorated the walls of the Great Hall.


The re-enactment features the arrival of the French delegation at the Base Court where they are formally greeted by members of Henry’s court before being led to the Great Watching Chamber where the King himself waits with his queen and daughter.


The Queen and daughter’s arrival.


Painted ceiling at the Queen’s Staircase.


Viewing down from the top of the Queen’s staircase.


View of the Clock Tower from Henry VIII’s apartments.


The King’s stairs. The overwhelming paintings show Roman gods preparing for a banquet, with William’s hero Alexander the Great as one of the invited guests.


The King’s Guard Chamber displays a large quantity of arms; muskets, pistols, swords, daggers, power horn and pieces of armour in decorative patterns.


A close up look at the decorative weapons.

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