London Day 7: Hampton Court Palace – Part 4

Here are some of photos of the interior of the apartments in Hampton Court Palace.


One of the dining room.


King Henry VIII’s chair.


A huge mirror in one of the room.


The King’s Great Bedchamber. The crimson bed was bought from Lord Chamberlain. William does not sleep in this room, but gets dressed in the morning and undressed in the evening in this room in front of invited guests. He would be aided by his closest servants. It was a great honour to be allowed to watch the King get dressed.


The King’s Closet is a study room where King William conducts business either in private or with his top officials. King William sits with his back to the fire to keep warm. The clock in view only needs winding up once a year.


The long corridor was known as The Orangery or Greenhouse. King William used this space to exercise in bad weather. He kept his orange trees here over the winter as the English winter is too cold for the trees.


The King’s Private Drawing Room is where King William studies, reads and plans military campaigns.


The King’s Private Dining Room where King William has private dinner parties with his closest friends. They would drink a lot of wine and eat really fine food.

Queen Mary’s ladies (William’s late wife’s friends) decorated this room.


The Fountain Court was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. This new wing contained new state apartments and private rooms for the King and Queen.

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