London Day 7: Hampton Court Palace – Part 5

There are several gardens surrounding the Hampton Court Palace.


A view of the Privy Garden from the King’s apartment. The Privy Garden is the King’s private garden.


The Great Fountain Garden. This garden was added by William III and Mary II. Only one of the thirteen fountains survives.


The large yew trees were planted by Queen Anne.


View of the east front from the Great Fountain Garden. The Barogue style designed by Sir Christopher Wren featuring a great stone centerpiece and Corinthian columns supporting the giant pediment containing Caius Gabriel Cibber’s relief of Hercules triumphing over envy.


The lone surviving fountain in the Great Fountain Garden.


There were not a lot of flowers to be seen in the garden as we were there in mid autumn.


The only flowers we captured in print.


Another view of the garden.


That’s the end of our tour of Hampton Court Palace. We exited via the Lions Gate near the maze.

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