London Day 8: British Museum – Part 1

With the expiry of our London City Pass, we dedicated the remaining days on museums which entrance is free.

London-Day-8-British-Museum-01 (1)

If you only have time for one museum, British Museum will be the one. It is the oldest public museum in the world. The main entrance features a Greek facade that was based closely on those of the temple of Athena Polias.


The Great Court is the largest covered public space in Europe; it was once an outside courtyard.


There was a small exhibition of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater 3D paper architectures in the Great Court.


We started of with the department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan. One of the famous exhibit is the Rosetta Stone. It is written in three languages, which enabled experts to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs for the first time.


The entrance to Room 4 which is filled with Egyptian sculptures.


Part of a colossal granite statue of Rameses II, the 13th century BC Egyptian monarch.


A closer look at Egypt hieroglyphs.


Statue of Amenophis III.

Next we moved on to the department of Ancient Near East.


A lamassu from Nimrud.


The above is from the Assyrian exhibit from the department of Middle East. It’s a long gallery of carved stone panels from the Palace of King Sennacherib at Nineveh, Iraq. The carvings showed the transportation of sculptures, hunting scenes, military battle scenes, etc.


The Gates of Balawat.


Limestone false door and architrave of Ptahsepses dated back to 2400 BC.

Moving on to the department of Greece and Rome.


Greek vases with stories to tell.


The above depicts Achilles killing Penthesileia.


Ancient jewelry; also from the department of  Greece and Rome.


Statue of Venus.


Lely’s Venus.

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