London Day 3: Trafalgar Square

This was the view from the Pret A Manger where we had our coffee break.


The street was lined with tour buses.


The 170 feet tall Corinthian column is the world’s biggest. Admiral Horatio Nelson stands tall on the column. Admiral Lord Nelson was Britain”s most famous naval captain who died at the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon in 1805.


Fountain at Trafalgar Square. At the background is the National Gallery.


King George IV statue at Trafalgar Square.


There was a celebration for Divali in the Trafalgar Square during our visit.


Concert in the Trafalgar Square for the celebration of Divali.


We visited The National Gallery in the vicinity. It housed Britain’s 2300 collection of art from the saints and serpents in the medieval galleries, to the iconic sunflowers and water lilies in the 19th century rooms.


We took a 60 minute self guided audio tour but were too tired to complete the tour. No photography inside the gallery.

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  1. liz

    Was it chance that you took a partial view of Canada House just behind those double deckers?

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