Ladies Night Out at Chill Winston, Gastown

I met up with Angie of, Polly and Whitney on a Thursday evening for dinner. It has been a long time since the four of us seen each other.


We met in Gastown because Whitney works in the neighbourhood. So, Whitney has the honour to pick the restaurant. After consulting with her foodie colleague, she suggested Chill Winston for its great patio and its a great place to hang out without being hinted to leave by the server after the meal.


The above was the view from our seat by the window. Unfortunately, it was a rainy night and we could not seat at the patio.


Polly and Angie had a glass of Rose and Pinot Gris to start with. A 8oz glass is $14.50. Whitney and me are not alcoholic drinkers as our face will look like the Rose above after a few sips. So, we just had H2O.


We ordered food that can be shared from the menu. First item was a Poutine. The poutine came with grated cheese and not cheese curds. The gravy was on the saltier side.  A rather small serving for $12.


The next sharing dish was Fish Tacos. The original dish comes with 3 tacos. Since there were four of us, the server suggested we add an additional taco for $5.25 on top of the $16.75. The tacos came with pickle onions and guacamole on the side. I find that the fish was rather dry.


We also had a pizza to share. It was a thin crust flat bread pizza. The crust was very crispy and loaded with toppings. This was the best dish of the night. It is $16.50.


We ordered two desserts to share. Dessert is $8 each. The above was a mint cake. The lemon curd adds zest to the rather dry cake.


The next dessert was a Peanut Butter Mouse with ganache or something like that.


We enjoyed each other’s company more than the food. It is a good place to hang out but it does get noisier as the night goes.

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