Al-Watan Tandoori, Fraser St.

Ben was craving for Indian food. He wanted to try a new place instead of our favourite Kona Tandoori and Saffron.


He went all the way to Fraser St. to look for one. We found Al-Watan which serves Pakistani cuisine.


Lunch special looks economical.


We were there just about noon and the place was pretty quiet.


I ordered one of the lunch special which came with tandoori chicken and curry chicken. It was a pretty big serving compared with Kona’s lunch special especially the rice portion.


The tandoori chicken was a bit dry though.


Nanzaro ordered Butter Chicken for $10. I found that the sauce was slightly tangier than the regular version we got from Indian restaurants.


We also ordered extra naan and rice to soak up all the sauces from the butter chicken.


Ben ordered Lamb Briyani; also $10. The biryani has lots of vegetables like peppers and tomatoes in it. The lamb pieces were boneless and in bite size.


It was a good meal; we had leftover biryani to bring home for Arkensen. Al-Watan accepts credit cards.

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