Chicago Day 3: Canstruction Chicago 2015 at Merchandise Mart

After the experience at Willis Tower Skydeck, we took the subway to The Merchandise Mart. We intended to have dinner at the north side.


The Merchandise Mart was the largest commercial building in the world with 4 million square feet of floor space when it opened in 1930.


The Merchandise Mart Hall of Fame is commissioned to commemorate outstanding American merchants like Frank Winfield Woolworth, Marshall Field, Aaron Montgomery Ward, Julius Rosenwald and Robert Elkington Wood of Sears, Roebuck and Co, John Wanamaker (advertiser), Edward Albert Filene and George Huntington Hartford.


The eight bronze busts rested on white pedestals are 4 times life size. They are facing toward the gold front door of the Merchandise Mart building.


While passing through the Merchandise Mart, we came across the Canstruction 2015 competition display.


Here are some of the can structures.






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