Chicago Day 5: Fireworks at Navy Pier

After dinner, we walked to one of the Navy Pier Free Trolley stop as we intended to watch the fireworks. We waited for a while and decided to walk instead because there were quite a lot of people waiting at the stop. Half way walking, a trolley just came by and we managed to get on.


Night view of the Pier Park.


With the Chicago Go card, we went for a ride on the ferries wheel. Fortunately, the line was not very long.


View from the ferris view.


Ben and Nanzaro also went for a rideĀ on the wave swinger.


Then we went for a mini golf game. We did not complete the game as Nanzaro had to charge his cell-phone before the fireworks which starts at 9:30PM.


View of Lake Michigan where the fireworks is launched.


There were a big crowd watching the fire works.


More firework shots.


I realized that my camera did not take good pictures of the fireworks. So, I switched to recording it instead.


Here is the video of the fireworks.

After the fireworks, we decided to walk home. We did not think that we would be able to get on the free trolley ride as there were so many people there. Moreover, a lot of people were walking back from the fireworks.

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