Paris Day 5: Dinner at Montparnesse

After a good nap, we went out for dinner in the neighbourhood of Montparnesse.


We settled with a North African cuisine restaurant; Chez Bebert.


It was full house and very buzy. We had a short wait for our table.


The curl at the end of the fork and spoon looks interesting.


We ordered a platter of assorted meat as we saw many tables had it. It came with chicken, pork, lamb and sausage. I particularly love the lamb shank which was very tender.


We also had the Berbert couscous. Ben really like the fluffy couscous.


The Berbert couscous came with a plate of assorted vegetable stew which include potatoes, carrots and zucchini.


There were also some bean stews and chickpea stews.

There server scooped some couscous onto our plate, topped it with some chickpeas and beans and lots of sauce. He told us this is how we should eat the couscous.

We were very full as there were a lot of food. The meal came to Euro53.20.

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