Salmon Tour

The praise dance group from the Richmond Chinese Evangelical Free Church organized a day tour in place of praise dance practice on a Thursday.


We went for the Salmon Run at Weaver Creek. It was a cloudy day with light showers.


The view of farm land and mountains with fall colour was amazing.


The first stop was to Inch Creek Fish Hatchery to see the largest freshwater fish in the world. We saw two sturgeons in a shallow man made pond.


Then we proceeded to Weaver Creek. There were some nervous moments as our bus driver got lost on a mountain logging road. He got to turn around twice on a narrow logging road and the people who sat at the back of the bus were most scared when the bus backed up to the edge of the cliff. They kept telling the driver to stop reversing. Fortunately, we made our way down safely.


The Chehalis River Hatchery is located at Weaver Creek where the annual salmon run is captured around October.


The Weaver Creek spawning channel is a shallow man made stream to provide favorable conditions and more room for the salmon to spawn. Sockeye, chum and pink salmon deposit their eggs at the gravel bottom of the channels naturally.


This year seems to be a weak run as there were not many salmon in the channel.


At the end of the channel, we can see the salmon swimming against the current and leap over obstacles. There were many school children while we were there. They cheered for the salmon.


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