KL 2017 Day 2 Pineapple Bun from Hong Kong Polo Marketing

My sister brought me to a bakery named Hong Kong Polo Marketing which is famous for their Pineapple Buns. We arrived just after 9:30am and the first batch of pineapple bun was in the making.


Customers can watch the making of the pineapple bun behind a glass wall kitchen right in front of the store.


We waited for 15 minutes for the first batch of pineapple buns to be ready.


Freshly baked pineapple buns were brushed with syrup to give the shining look. They have more variety of the pineapple buns than what we had in Vancouver. Among them are plain, buttermilk, butter cheese, durian, cocount jam (kaya) and even sambal ikan bilis (anchovies sambal).


I picked the durian flavour Pineapple Bun.


There were generous amount of durian fillings. The custard topping was very crumbly. The bun was buttery.


There are a lot of Chinese New Year goodies for sale too.


The above are deep fried prawn crackers.


Another of their signature Chinese New Year goodies, pineapple tart in the shape of pineapple bun.

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