KL 2017 Day 1 Food Adventure

I had a rest day on my first day in my sister place as it’s a week day and everyone has to work or go to school.


My younger brother brought home a BBQ pork and wonton dry mix noodle for my lunch as his work place is nearby.


When my sister’s family came home from work and school, we went out for dinner. I had an iced herbal drink as it was very hot here. Imagine coming from -7 Celsius to 30 Celsius.


We had bitter gourd pork soup which is the signature dish in the restaurant we dined in. The bitter gourd was not too bitter.


The next dish of stir fried mushroom was my niece’s favourite.


The above was “Mui Choy” braised pork belly. The pork belly was quite fatty. I like the “mui choy” which goes very well with steam rice.

Somehow, I lost the photo of another dish which was deep fried pork in bite size pieces. It was very crunchy. I love simple homey meal the above, especially with family.

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  1. Sanfan

    for a second i thought “KL” was Kowloon Hong Kong.

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