KL 2017 Seafood Lunch at Pulau Ketam

We had lunch at Pulau Ketam. It was just perfect timing as it started to rain.


We ordered six dishes to share among seven of us.


Oyster omelette here is more eggy than those Taiwanese version. This is ordered from a separate stall which operates outside the restaurant. RM15 (about CAD4.50) for a large plate.


The rest of the dishes were from the restaurant. The fish ball soup was a tad salty. The fish ball is quite bouncy.


Deep fried squid.


Clam in spicy sauce.  The sauce is great with steam rice.


Stir fried bok choy to balance the meal.


The last dish was Butter Crab. It was the hardest to eat. You had to use hands to eat it. Moreover, the claws were not pre-cracked. We had a hard time cracked open the claws. This dish alone was RM102 (about CAD31).

The whole meal excluding the oyster omelette was RM205 (about CAD62).

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