KL 2017 Lui Tea Lunch

I had a simple breakfast at my sister’s home. Just coffee with lotus paste pastry.


About 11:00am, we went out for early lunch before dropping my niece for the Girls Brigade meeting.


We had lunch in a hawker’s restaurant where there are many stalls selling different food.


We came here for Lui Tea.


Lui Tea is rice served with various chopped vegetables, tofu and preserved vegetable that has been stir fried.


All the vegetables are piled on top of the rice. You can have white rice or brown rice.


The rice is served with a bowl of broth made with ground sesame seeds and basil. The dish name “Lui Tea” literally means grinding tea.


You can eat the rice on it’s own or add to the broth like rice in soup.

A combo bowl costs RM6.50 (about CAD2) and if you want just the rice (like my niece as she does not like the basil flavour in the broth), it’s RM6.00.

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  1. Jayda

    Hi Suanne. Love these posts. So interesting to see authentic Malaysian foods and presentation. I’d love to know the equivalent cost in $C for meals though if it’s possible. I like to compare prices there to here. Thanks for posting these experiences.

    1. suannechowtimes

      Hi Jayda, the exchange rate for 1 CAD to RM is 3.3. So, just divide the RM by 3 to have a rough idea of the CAD price.

      1. Jayda

        Thank you.

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