KL 2017 Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decor

After dropping off my niece, the rest of us went to Mid Valley to take in the Chinese New Year festivities. It was very jam getting into the parking lots. The good thing here is the parking lot has indicator whether they are full or not as each parking space has a censor. A red indicator means its occupied and a green indicator denotes a vacant space. So, you can see from far if there is a vacant spot.


Wow, the decoration here is really festives. Lanterns and flowers everywhere.


Flowers denote wealth.


Lots of chicks plush toys for the coming rooster year.


Chinese red couplets for placing on both sides of doors.


More …







Lots of hampers on sale.



My sister and I had ice buzz from San Francisco as they have buy one get one free on weekends. There is some coffee grits in it. Nice to chew on them.


Suddenly my sister felt very hungry. We stopped at La Boheme to get a snack.


My sister bought this new item which is Sesame Seed Cheese Cresent. The cheese topping was lightly crispy. My sister likes it very much, maybe because she was very hungry at that time. It is RM1.99 (about CAD0.60).


Real flowers for sale.


Pineapple denotes wealth too.

One thought on “KL 2017 Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decor

  1. Oh my god finally, a name for that croissant! And the name for the bakery. We were on a trip to Singapore Malaysia and Japan a month ago, this was the one food item agreed by all us (family of 5 each with his/her own pickiness) as really good!

    Thanks for the pic, brings back the memory!

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