KL 2017 Breakfast at Home

My second niece and her friends went to Sunway Piramid early in the morning to avoid the jam. We went there a bit later to meet up with them.


We had breakfast at home to test out a new coffee machine that my sister bought from Mid Valley. I tried the Cappuccino. My brother in law commented that its not as sweet as those 3 in 1 coffee. My sister is trying to cut down sugar intake as we are all aging.


The Nescafe Gold Blend Barista is RM215 (about CAD65). During the promotion, there is a complementary of 2 free bottles of Nescafe Gold Blend which is over RM30 (about CAD10) per bottle. The good thing about this machine is that it’s not using k cup which is not environmental friendly.


I had red bean paste pastry with my coffee.


I also sampled a bite of a custard bun which was heavy in weight, perhaps due to its denseness.


The Losong bread was a sweet bread. I love bread. I can have bread for breakfast every day.


Just to share my sister’s kitchen rules which I totally agreed.

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