KL 2017 Dinner in Kampar

After lunch at Sunway Pyramid, we went for my niece’s dentist appointment before continuing our journey to Kampar. My niece is starting school in UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman).


Love the scenery along the way with mountain view. We encountered a very heavy thunder storm during the journey. After dropping off our backpacks at my niece’s place, we went out for dinner.

My nieces (the older one returned 1 week earlier for extra curriculum activities) rented rooms in a nearby house. The house is built specifically for rental to students. Each room has its own bathroom. A room is charged RM300 to RM320 depending on the size. This house has 13 rooms.


We had Chinese meal. Typical condiments served in Malaysia, chopped garlic and Thai chili.


We had a few dishes to go with steam rice; the above is deep fried pork cutlet, Peking style.


Yellow Wine Free Range Chicken was very fragrant. The sauce is great with steam rice.


We had a garlic stir fried “fern” for the vegetables which is not available in Vancouver.


The last dish was the house special tofu. The deep fried tofu stick has salted fish flavour. My niece’s friends treated us the meal for appreciation of my sister and family for hosting them for the past few days.

After dinner, my nieces had to go to a printing shop to printout their curriculum and student notes for the coming week’s classes. Apparently, no textbook is used here. All notes have to be printed by the students themselves. There were a lot of students in the printer shop.

After that, we went for dessert soup for supper.


My nieces shared a Mixed Fruit shaved ice. There were dragon fruit, melon and papaya, etc. They wanted it in mango sauce but was ran out and substituted with kasturi lime juice. The saved ice was very sour.


My sister ordered the water chest nut eqq swirl dessert soup.


I had the barley, bean curd sheet and gingko nut dessert soup. All the above was less than RM10.00. After supper, we return to my nieces place for the night. My nieces shared a room and my sister and I took over one of their room. My sister and I managed to squeeze on a twin bed with no one fallen off the bed.

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