KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 1

My brother in law (my sister’s husband) picked us up from the Kepong station and sent me to my father’s place in Bandar Sri Damansara. My father lives with my brother and family. I have 2 younger brothers. My father lives with the older one while my youngest brother lives with my sister.


The next morning, I went out with my father to drop off my niece for tuition. We then had breakfast at a nearby hawker center. He is a regular customer here.

I had curry rice roll and a few pieces of “yeong tau foo”.


Sugar cane juice for me and warm water for my father. Here, the restaurant charges 50cents for warm water.


My father had Fish Head Vermicelli. I will try this some other time.


We returned to the same hawker place to pick my nephew up from school. Both of us were not really hungry yet, so, we just shared a Malaysian style sandwich.


The sandwich is filled with fried egg, “bak kwa” (BBQ dried meat) and meat floss. This beats hamburger anytime, for me. The sandwich is RM4.30 (about CAD1.30).


For dinner, my father and I had Cantonese Fried Noodle. It is RM12 (about CAD3.65) for a portion for 2. Single portion is RM7 (about CAD2.15).


They gave us two types of chili for the fried noodle.

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