KL 2017 First Day Chinese New Year Visitation

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we visited my brother in law’s brothers and sisters homes in seniority sequence according to tradition.


The first stop is his eldest brother’s home. We were greeted with the traditional Chinese New Year lucky candy box. It is traditionally filled with candied fruit like candied lotus root, candied shredded coconut, candied lotus seed, etc. But now people mostly filled it with Chinese New Year cookies.


We were also served a dessert soup made with quail eggs, snow fungus, lotus seeds, longan, red dates and ginkgo nuts. It is a Chinese herbal sweet soup.


The next stop is to my brother in law’s second brother’s home. Here is another version of Chinese New Year lucky candy box.


We had lunch at my brother in law’s second brother’s home. We had deep fried vegetable spring rolls as a side dish.


The main dish was a Stir Fried Vermicelli.


A homemade chili sauce to spice up the vermicelli.


We were able to see Kek Lok Si Temple from this second brother’s balcony. We were told that the night view is nice when Kek Lok Si is lighted up.


Our third stop is to my brother in law’s second sister’s home. This is a modern version of the Chinese New Year lucky candy box.


One of the Chinese New Year cookie we had here is the above Beehives cookies, also known as rose cookie.


We also tasted some traditional Sesame Seeds”Tung”  and Rice “Tung”. I do not know what is the proper English term for this kind of “cookies”.


The second sister also served the Chinese Herbal Dessert Soup.


She added some glutinous rice balls to the dessert soup.

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