KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 6

My sixth hawker’s food adventures include the following:


Mushroom and Chicken Feet Wonton Noodle. This is RM6 or RM6.50 (about CAD2).


The wonton noodle came with a bowl of vegetable soup.


My father had a bowl of Vegetarian Laksa. A big bowl is RM5.50 (about CAD1.70).


Bought a western fried spaghetti with ham and sausage for one of my nephew at home.


While waiting for another nephew, I had a small cup of HK style milk tea which they called it Teh Si here. This is RM1.70 (about CAD0.50).


We were seated just in front of this stall that sells freshly made rice roll.


My father ordered one plate to try. We had the BBQ pork rice roll. The above was RM4.80 (about CAD1.45).


My other nephew came to meet up with us at the hawker’s place after school. He ordered the above BBQ Pork and Chicken Rice. This is RM6.50 (about CAD2).


For dinner, I just had Sticky Rice with peanuts as I was not very hungry. This is only RM3 (about CAD1).


My father had “Jap Farn” (rice with dishes). He placed the dishes on a separate plate so that I can have too. His dishes and rice came to RM7 (about CAD2.15).


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