KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 8

My brother in law (Ben’s brother) bought home Chicken Rice for late lunch as we had a lot of food for breakfast.


A side dish of beansprouts.


It’s free range chicken, so there is a bite to the meat, not too soft.


The rice cooked in chicken broth.


The sauces came in various sizes of plastic bags.


I like the chili sauce and the green onion ginger sauce.


It was pouring in the evening. So, my brother in law went out to buy dinner instead of going out to eat.


He went to the popular Nasi Lemak Stall to get the nasi lemak.


The nasi lemak came with a freshly deep fried chicken leg that was crispy on the skin and tender inside. It was still hot when we had it at home.


My nephew’s girl friend had this pinkish drink called “Sirup Bandung” which is a rose flavoured drink sweetened with condensed milk.


The rest of us shared some iced lime tea.

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