AAA Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

My family went for supper at the relatively new AAA Restaurant on Alexandra Road.  Nanzaro wanted to carbo-load before his long run training for Marathon. He is going for a 30km run the next day.

It was almost 9PM and the place was not too busy.

Paper table mat.

It has similar take out dessert offer just like Lido when you spend CAD22 and above. The offer is only for dining in between 12pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm.

Arkensen ordered a Curry Beef Brisket with rice. It was quite a large serving.

His order came with a drink. The server told us that they ran out of hot drinks. So, Arkensen opted for the ice milk tea which cost CAD1.75 extra.

Nanzaro ordered the Free Range Chicken combo.

His combo includes a side vegetable. He opted for Chinese broccoli served with oyster sauce on the side.

Nanzaro commented that their chili sauce was good.

His combo also includes a dessert or drink. He opted for the steamed egg white dessert which was served cold. He did not eat his dessert but gave it to me and Ben to share. He is not into Asian dessert.

Ben and I shared a Rice in Soup dish.

Ben opted the one with pork jowl which cost $1 extra. There were tofu puff, taro, sui choy, enoki mushroom and wood ear in the broth. AAA Restaurant claims that there is no msg or chicken bouillon in the broth.

Our dish also comes with a drink or dessert. Ben opted for “guilinggao” (a Chinese herbal jello). It is served with syrup.

AAA Restaurant accepts cash only.

We had a black glutinous rice dessert soup to take home as our bill was above CAD22 but below CAD52.

Ben and I like this place, not so much for our boys as they do not have fried rice options.

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