Vancouver Cantonese Opera at Richmond World Festival 2017

The Richmond World Festival is back. I was looking forward to this festival for one reason; live Cantonese opera performance.

There were many performances in 9 stages, zones and pop-up events. There is no shortage of food as there were 50 international food trucks for this 2 days event.

My heart is at the Bamboo Theatre Stage. The only problem was watching the performance under the afternoon heat. But this cannot deter me from my love for cantonese opera.

Here are some of the photos of the performances. I enjoyed the performances on Saturday more.

I’m glad to hear that the above young performer is only 20 years old. Vancouver Cantonese Opera is doing a good job in bringing younger generation to this traditional art form.

The above is a male scholar character, “siu sang”.

The female actress “fa daan” has more elaborate head gear. This is a scene about a prince meeting with his lover (who had became his sister-in-law and sacrificed her life in order to repair the brothers relationship) who is a goddess in his dream.

Another male young scholar with a female role of a servant.

The female character of a princess with a male scholar-warrior.

Another princess with a male warrior role (this warrior costume depicts he is from the Mongolia region).

A male warrior character performing with a large flag which is not easy.

A female general dressed up.

Another male warrior performing with a large knife.

Female in married women costumes performing the water sleeves dance.

A princess and her royal consort.

Two female warriors.

A line up of various characters.

Princesses among a female general.

A female general performing a horse riding scene.

I enjoyed the Vancouver Cantonese Opera so much that I’m looking forward to next year’s performance.

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