PNE 2018 – Part 1

Ben and I went to PNE on a Friday to avoid the crowds on weekend.

We were there at noon, so we decided to grab a bite first. We wanted to try a new item this year, which is the Deep Fried Burger.

The Deep Fried Burger was juicy and it had cheese and ketcup in it. The burger was CAD12.

After eating, we went to watch the 1PM show of Knights of Valour, a medieval event where knights competing in jousting at the Agrodome. This is a new event this year. 

This year, we noticed several mobile boutiques. This is the latest trend of starting up a new business.

The next event that we attended was the President’s Choice SuperDogs. It is a fun event as it involves the audiences in cheering for the dogs while they run the course.

2018 is the 40th birthday of the President’s Choice SuperDogs show in the PNE.

The military also participated in the PNE, showcasing a barrack, firearms and military transportation vehicles.

A boy experiencing the weight of the army’s backpack that one has to carry during combat; even though it’s not a fully loaded one.

We decided to get another item to snack. This time we picked The Onion Factory.

These huge onions are cut and drenched in homemade batter and deep fried.

We had the Mexican Onion version which is garnished with hot beef chili, sour cream and topped with diced tomatoes and green onion. We love it. This is CAD15.

This is a unique food truck with it’s seating on top of the food truck.

We stayed for a couple of dance performances at the Festival Park.

At the Festival Park, there is an ARCY Live Painting demonstration. The artist paints one painting each day based on a photograph.

Here is another of the paintings.

This is the painting of the day we went to PNE.

The historic Miller Drive showcases some classic and custom cars.

The above is the 1930 model A Tudor Coach.

The PNE Prize Home is a must see.

An automatic lawn mower.

There is so much to see at the PNE, I will continue our adventures at the PNE in the next post.

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