New McDonalds Product – The Angus Third Pounders

Hi All:

Chowtimes were informed by McDonalds USA that they were launching a new burger nationwide yesterday. Please note that this is currently being launched in the US and not in Canada. Normally we would not be interested because it’s for the US but since they offered to provide us BOG (Be-Our-Guest) cards, we jumped on it and said yes.


The new products are called the Angus Third Pounders.  Obviously from the name itself it is large … a third larger than the quarter pounders.  As a matter of fact, this is the first new burger launch from McDonald’s since the Big N’ Tasty burger was added to the menu in 2001 … eight years ago.


The Angus Third Pounders are available in three offerings:  Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese and Mushroom & Swiss.  The big-big difference between this and the other McDonald’s burgers are the introduction of ingredients never seen before on a McDonald’s burger:

  • Red onion rings
  • Full slices of bacon
  • Sauteed murshrooms
  • Natural Swiss Cheese
  • Bakery-Style sesame seed roll

It seems like McDonalds is upgrading their burgers to offer Continue reading … to Joe Fortes

Suanne and I first came across Restaurant Loyalty Card during the EAT! Vancouver event.  They got our fleeting attention with their claim of giving away 50% off dinner with the use of their Restaurant Loyalty Card.  We did not think much about it until a few days after we got home while sorting through the stuff we collected at EAT! Vancouver.


The LetsGoForDinner card will certainly appeal to foodies, especially those who wishes to dine out at fancier restaurants.  LetsGoForDinner offers half price certificates to some of Vancouver best restaurants.  It’s as simple as that.  Here are some of the the restaurants covered under this program (click on the links to see what they had to offer):

In addition the card will give you an automatic $10 discount without having to purchase discounted certificates at the following restaurants.  Continue reading

A Treat for Chowtimes Readers at Charm Modern Thai

Hi Chowtimes Readers:

Following our review of the dinner, Charm Modern Thai had very graciously agreed to offer Chowtimes Readers a chance to check out their restaurant at a discounted rate.  This is exclusively available only through

All you got to do is to read the terms and conditions carefully on the coupon below and bring a printout of the coupon to the restaurant.  For the “$5 off the $35 Set Menu”, please note that you need to call in advance to book your table.  Also note that you will get $5 off for EVERY person in your party if you order the “$35 Set Menu” — good, eh?

You guys will have it better because Suanne and I did not even have this discount when we dined at Charm.  So there you go … it’s not always that bloggers have a better deal then readers.  LOL!


Getting the $35 Set Menu for just $30 is like a special on top of a special considering that it is a four course dinner with house wine!  Their menu is below.  See that the “$35 Set Menu” below states that this is applicable for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 person.  I wanted to call that out so that you are not surprised if you so decide to dine alone or bring the entire hockey team.  If you have more than 6 people, perhaps you could sit at separate tables and make believe you don’t know each other?  You reckon?  LOL! Continue reading

Free Dinner At Morton’s

mortonspremiumpairHi All:

Actually, I don’t mean all-all but all Certified General, Public and Management Accountants in the Metro Vancouver area.

I recently received a request from T2 Communications to post this particular contest on chowtimes and I thought why not, as long as it benefit our readers. Remember you just have a little more than a week to submit your details for the contest. I had verified with them that the info you submit will not be used for any other purpose than for this contest. I was assured that this is a genuine one-off promotion that Morton’s is offering to all hard-working accountants.

Here are the details … hope one of you wins this and bring me along for the dinner!

As millions of Canadians scurry to file tax returns by the April 30th deadline, Morton?s The Steakhouse in Vancouver is offering a special reward for those unsung heroes of the tax season ? certified accounts.

Morton?s is designating Friday, May 1st as Certified Accountant* Appreciation Day and offering CAs the chance to ?file? for a complimentary Steak and Seafood Dinner for Two that will be awarded to one lucky CA and a guest on that date at the steakhouse to celebrate the end of the tax season.

If you?re a CA, all you have to do is email Morton?s at before April 24th to submit your name, business name, phone number and email address. Right before tax day, one winning CA in the Vancouver area will be randomly selected and notified by phone. The lucky CA and a guest will then enjoy Morton?s Steak and Seafood Dinner for Two on May 1st. The winner must bring in proof that they are a CA (a province-issued certificate; a business card with their name and a CA title on it; or their CA license card.)

Certified Accounts deserve this tempting tax-time break from Morton?s because they are the ?prime? reason so many taxpayers file their taxes on time. Valued at $119 Morton?s Steak and Seafood Dinner for Two is a great way for anyone to enjoy Morton?s legendary cuisine and hospitality.

Morton?s The Steakhouse is located at 750 West Cordova Street in Vancouver.

*This offer is open to all Certified General, Public and Management Accountants.

Free Topping at Qoola

When I did a review of Qoola two months ago, I clearly remembered the Qool-Acai bowl that I enjoyed so much. I went to Qoola again yesterday to get a tasting. They have now a new and improved version of it. It used to be served soupy but is now thicker and more yogurty. I like it more this way.


OK, I know. The Qool-Acai is not exactly pretty looking but it is delicious. I can’t get enough of this.

Acai had been gaining popularity in Vancouver the past couple of months. Angie once told me that she was at Wholefood and the guy working there was telling her, “What’s up with this Acai? I’ve so many people asking for it!”. In fact, they had just stocked up because it was almost sold out during that weekend.


Even Google is showing the growing popularity of Acai in their searches. There is a little known feature called Google Insight which reports on the search trends of Google Search. Go ahead … filter it by Canada, Past 12 Months, and Food & Drink and you will find the results above. “Acai” is on #2 and #3 of rising searches.

If you had never tried Acai before, go to Qoola at 1116 Denman and try a bowl of it. Now, if you mention “Chowtimes Loves Qool-Acai“, you get a free topping of your choice. Try it with Mango. I think you will like it.

BTW, this offer is just for the month of April.