Asian Bistro — Ready To Eat Meals

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Disclosure: This post is written from samples provided by Deluxe Food Inc, the distributor of the Asian Bistro ready-to-eat curry products.

Deluxe Food contacted us a few weeks ago and asked if we would like to take a look at their products. You know it had been quite long time already since we had ever done product reviews based on samples. In any case … and for what it’s worth … we had always agreed to do so if the samples are not just for us but also for our readers.


So Suanne went to the office of Deluxe Food in Richmond the other day to pickup some samples. We were surprised that they gave us 30 boxes of it. I thought it was pretty generous of them.

If only it was easier to pass it on to chowtimes readers, we would have. So we decided to give most of them away to the 14 diners at the chowtimes dinner at Luda.

I also took some to the office and let the folks try it too. After all, I thought it is something that would be most handy in a work environment.


This product is different from the many processed food you find in the supermarket aisle where these food are stored in the refrigerated section. Asian Bistro uses the latest freshness sealing and preservation technology known as the Retort Pouch. Originally developed for the US Army and used by NASA astronauts, a Retort Pouch is a sophisticated multilayer, high barrier laminate package. Food is kept fresh without the need for preservatives.

So no refrigeration is required until open. I thought that is neat because … (more…)

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More Bo’s Laksa Coupon To Give Away

This is just a brief post to let you know that we have more free laksa coupons if you want it.

As you know Bo is opening his first restaurant called Bo Laksa King’s Bubble and Bits on Monday, July 26th. I blogged about it in this blog post where Bo gave us a few coupons to give away. They were all gone within a couple of hours the post going up.


Because of the good response, Bo had decided to give away more Laksa coupons. If you are interested, read on … (more…)

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Sidral Mundet – iPods Giveaways … and Tres Leches Cake

There is so much to learn about South American food. Just three weeksto ago, Suanne and I were at the Panaderia Latina Bakery to check out the pastries and desserts. Panaderia also had a section where they carry foodstuff from South America.


That was the first time I came across the soft drink called Sidral Mundet displayed next to bottles of Jarritos. I am quite familiar with Jarritos but it is the first I had seen Sidral Mundet.

Coincidentally, a few days later Sindral Mundet wrote to us asking if want to host a giveaway and help create some buzz for the product. That is definitely something we are interested in doing for our readers, especially when the prizes included the following:

  • 1 winner: Apple iPod Touch 8GB
  • 1 winner: Apple iPod Nano 8GB
  • 5 winners: Sidral Mundet Gift Pack
  • 5 winners: Sidral Mundet Backpack

Read down to the bottom of this post and find out how to have a chance to win them. It’s easy.


So last week, I went to the Panaderia Latina Bakery to pick up some bottles of Sidral Mundet. I couldn’t write about it if I had never tasted it, right?

When I posted about the Panaderia, El Lobo Solo was mentioning about their Tres Leches cake. Since that comment, Suanne had been pestering me to go buy it on the way home.

Suanne is impossibly crazy over sweet desserts like this … especially when Tres Leches cake means three milk cake! The Tres Leches cake is a sponge cake make with evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream.


The lady at the countered said that we need to let it thaw in room temperature for … (more…)

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Silhoutte SatisfAction — Free Samples

ChowtimesNoWord32x32This post is written based on samples provided by Danone Canada.

Danone contacted us if we would like to have samples. This was several weeks ago and it is only now we got a chance to sit down to write about it. We said sure, we certainly don’t mind samples especially when Danone Canada is also willing to provide samples to our readers. More about the free sample below.


The package came really nicely gift wrapped. First thing I noticed about the box when I got home from work was — it was girly!

At a glance, I thought that Suanne ordered a box full of Victoria Secret lingerie. LOL! That was wishful thinking.


Instead it was yogurts. There were so much of it that we were wondering how on earth we are going to finish this.


The packaging was obviously targeted at women. But I did not care … I like yogurt.

I took the opportunity to setup my little studio in the attempt to take pro-like shots. You know how much the entire studio cost me to take these shots?

It was only 50 cents. I just got a white cardboard from the dollar store. That was all I used.


The pictures are not bright enough right? Some of you guys must really help me out here. You must really put in a good word for me to Suanne. I really want … no, I mean I really NEED to get some pro lighting equipment. Leave a encouraging comment on this post for Suanne for me?

Anyway, back to the yogurt, did you notice that the name SatisfAction is spell with an A in the middle. This is so high-tech, huh?

There are … (more…)

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Taste and Learn About Filipino Cuisine — For Free

Remember I told you two weeks ago in my Weekend Musings that There is Such a Thing Called Free Lunch? Well, here is the plan.

We had known Rey almost a year already. When we met, he was working in promoting the Filipino culture through raising awareness. Being a foodie too he brought us to Filipino restaurants and introduced us to Filipino cuisines.

Suanne and I always enjoyed learning about food and its associated culture. So we looked forward all the time to meet with Rey to learn from him.

Well, you can too … and believe it or not, FOR FREE!!

Crispy Pata from Pinpin Restaurant on Fraser

There is no catch, no selling of anything — so you don’t have to worry about this arrangement. It’s a long story how Rey end up with free lunches but he has quite a bit to use up. So Rey thought he might as well share it with chowtimes’ readers. What he wants to do it to promote Filipino culture and Filipino food. For Suanne and I we thought it would be another great idea to provide value to you readers and get to know some of you more.

Here is the arrangements:

Restaurant: Goto King
Address: 5183 Joyce Street, Vancouver (google map)
Date: March 6th, 2010 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon

Yeah, that is this coming Saturday. So time is a bit tight to arrange things (all thanks to my procrastination due to the Olympics!). Location wise, it is perfect because it is just next to the Joyce Skytrain station for those of you who don’t drive.

Pancit from Little Ongpin in Richmond
Pancit from Little Ongpin in Richmond

If you are interested, … (more…)

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Results of Draw — Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal

The response was simply overwhelming.  When Arkensen and Nanzaro donated three of their precious Dress Rehearsal tickets to chowtime’s readers we did not think much about it. After all, we had too many tickets and the event is held on work and school hours.

It was in the news yesterday that thousands of volunteers were lining around the block in downtown Vancouver to get hold of just one ticket (with the option to buy another one at $50). Between Nanzaro and Arkensen, they were given ten without having to line up for it.

You know …

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all the unexpected kind words you had for Arkensen and Nanzaro. We even received a long moving email from a reader just thanking the boys for putting the tickets out there. Those words meant a lot to Suanne and I because this allows us to demonstrate to our boys what it means to share and how people out there who truly appreciates such unselfish act. I want to let you know they are pleased and are proud of what they had done even though they did not say it. I can see it in their eyes. 🙂

Thanks a lot!


It goes without saying that particular post generated the most number of comments ever. We had recorded a total of 308 comments. As expected, there are some frivolous submissions (i.e. 24 comments coming from one IP within a space of 30 minutes) … sorry to say we removed the entire swath of these emails from the draw.

We ended up with 272 email addresses which we ran through the Randomizer.

Here are the results: (more…)

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McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap — Have One On Us!

Freebie time again!


McDonalds USA sent us another stack of “Be Our Guest” cards for give away to chowtimes’ readers.


This time it is for McDonalds latest addition to the new Snack Wrap Line — the Mac Snack Wrap.

Look at the picture above. What a beauty isn’t it? That is the official media picture of the product. They always look better than the real thing they sell in the restaurant.


I picked up the Mac Snack Wrap on the way home from work today. I just got to taste for myself how it is. Each one costs about $1.90 … or is it $1.60?

You know, I just can’t remember how much I paid for this. Suanne always says that I don’t check each time I use the credit card.

I must admit, I don’t. It’s a guy thing. Most guys never check these sort of things, don’t you think so?


Peeling open the warm flour tortilla, there is half of a normal beef patty. I think it is made with a normal quarter pound patty cut into half.

In it too are the same Big Mac sauce, shredded lettuce, some traces of cheese, a little bit of pickles, and chopped onions. It does not quite look like the official media picture.

I don’t know if you know this. The difference in the Big Mac from the other burgers is … (more…)

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Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony Rehearsal — Free Tickets

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Update 04Feb: This contest is now closed. Will announce the winner of the 2+1 tickets later on today.

Some of you who follows will know that Arksensen and Nanzaro will be performing in the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony. Until today, Suanne and I still do not know a single thing about the closing ceremony. Any question we had always been met with “I am not commenting” response followed by a change of topic.


The Vancouver 2010 organizers surprised the boys by giving them 10 tickets to the Dress Rehearsal of the Opening  Ceremony. Frankly, Suanne and I were more excited than them. Arkensen and Nanzaro is more excited about their other freebies than the the tickets.

This is NOT from us. This is from Arkensen and Nanzaro. They have decided to donate 3 tickets to as a give-away!!

We went and check if anyone is selling the tickets. Oh yeah, people are selling it at upwards of $250 per ticket on Craigslist. But you are going to get it for free on chowtimes. Here is how … (more…)

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Complimentary Dessert from Tamarind Hill in North Vancouver

Hi All:

How would you like desserts like this … for free?

Coconut Crepes from Tamarind Hill
Coconut Crepes from Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill will be giving a complimentary dessert for every $35 spent in their new restaurant in North Vancouver.

We visited the Tamarind Hill on Lonsdale Ave about two months ago mainly because we wanted to check out if this new restaurant was as good as the popular restaurant in New Westminster. It was … even though the North Van restaurant is smaller than the first one in New West. We had blogged about our experiences here:

I wanted to let you know that our visit to the Tamarind Hill in North Van was unannounced. The staff did not realize who we were during the visit even though they noticed our camera. I think they assumed we were tourists because they asked us where we were from.

We paid for our meal. We are not paid in kind or money for this arrangement. We did because we wanted to give value to chowtimes readers — that reason and that reason only!

Tamarind Hill only realized that we had visited their restaurant after we posted our experiences on chowtimes and wrote to us about it. We took the opportunity to propose something that will benefit all parties … a free dessert to drive chowtimes readers to go out of the way to give Tamarind Hill a chance to show what they have to offer.

The details are simple: … (more…)

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