Fook Po Tong (Chinese Herbal Shop) in Yaohan, Richmond

Polly and I went to a Chinese Herbal Shop for dessert soup instead of cake. We went to Fook Po Tong in Yaohan’s foodcourt in Richmond. We had passed by this small lot many times but have never try the food there before.


Fook Po Tong is a shop which specializes in herbal tea and jello. The shop’s specialty is Guilinggao or Herbal Jello.

The shop is decorated with large banners of its menu in Chinese. It also has displays of Chinese herbs on shelves which lined the walls. An old fashion clock which chimes every half an hour brings back memory of my old home which also had a similar clock.


The tables and stools in the shop has an old fashion feel to it.

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Le BonBon Cafe in Richmond

Updated 11 Sep 2009: This restaurant had been closed.

This is our fourth cake meet. Polly and I had to postpone last week’s cake meet due to the snow storm and deep freeze.

This time, we visited Le BonBon Cafe in Richmond. It is located at 170 – 3031 Beckman Place which is on Bridgeport Rd and No. 4 Rd.

Le BonBon Cafe offers a number of cheesecakes and gourmet coffee. It also caters for birthday cakes for kids like ice-cream cake and mud cake such as Portuguese Creme Caramel, sponge cake in various flavour like chocolate, vanilla, coffee and lemon, butter cake and banana cake.


Le BonBon’s cheesecake is all homemade by the owner, Jenny Felgar. Le BonBon’s cheesecake is famous for its rich and intense cheese flavor, yet smooth but not too sweet. Jenny told us that she uses 1 kilogram of cream cheese to make a 9″ cheesecake and it takes 13.5 to 15 hours to make one from preparation to its readiness. Each cheesecake is slowly baked to its perfection with passion and dedication.

We were overwhelmed by the varieties in the display shelves. To name some, Le BonBon’s original. Blueberry Swirl, Strawberry Swirl, Chocolate Truffle, Bailey’s Coffee, Italian Tiramisu, Green Tea, Green Apple, Mango, Pear, etc.

Jenny recommended we try the Le BonBon’s original cheesecake which is the New York Style cheesecake as it gives us the original cheese flavour. It is indeed very rich and creamy.


Polly ordered the Green Tea Cheesecake which has a very subtle green tea flavour and still very creamy.

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Il pappagallo Caffe – Home of Ultimate Cheesecake

With the recommendation from Stephanie, Polly and I went to Il Pappagllo Caffe at Hastings St and Sperling for our third cake meet. It was quite a long drive from Richmond.

Pappagallo Caffe is a small, cozy caffe with lots of retro posters decorating its walls. The caffe has a good flow of customers.


There are a few cheesecakes to choose from; blueberry, strawberry, caramel, turtles, tiramisu, etc.

Polly went for the turtles cheesecake. It was topped with chocolate, caramel and nuts. It is a very rich tasting cheesecake. The crust is quite thick and crumbly though.

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Death by Chocolate

Updated 14th Jan 2011: This location had been closed according to

It’s cake meet time again with Polly. We continue our quest for the best cake place in town.

This time, we decided to try Death by Chocolate in Metropolis. We were there around 10:30 am and we were the only customers there.

We were quite disappointed with the menu as there were only about five to choose from instead of the many we saw in their website. We ended up with Heavenly Dilemma which has both chocolate and cheese in it.


The Heavenly Dilemma is served in a pool of white chocolate sauce with dollop of milk chocolate sauce. The crust has a very intense chocolate flavor. The cake is topped with some dark chocolate icing too. This thin slice of cake costs $7.95.

We enjoyed the cake with a chai tea and hot apple cider.

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Trees Organic Coffee – Best Cheesecake in Vancouver

A few weeks ago, Polly invited me to join her in search for the best cheesecake in Vancouver. We both loves cheesecakes a lot. So, we did some research and found this place called the Trees Organic Coffee from the internet. Polly’s friends also recommended this place.

Trees Organic Coffee is located on Granville between West Hastings and Pender in Vancouver. The shop was decorated warmly with tables inside and outside of the shop. It is a trendy boheniam cafe. We decided to sit inside at a window sit to enjoy our cheesecake as the weather is a bit too cold for us that day.

Yup, they did put up a sign saying that they have the “Best Cheesecake in Vancouver”.


We were there before 11:00 am and there was not many customers at the time. After browsing through the cheese cakes on display, I decided to order the New York Cheesecake. The New York Cheesecake was really creamy and just melted in your mouth. Most of the slice cheesecake cost $5.60.

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