Death by Chocolate

Updated 14th Jan 2011: This location had been closed according to

It’s cake meet time again with Polly. We continue our quest for the best cake place in town.

This time, we decided to try Death by Chocolate in Metropolis. We were there around 10:30 am and we were the only customers there.

We were quite disappointed with the menu as there were only about five to choose from instead of the many we saw in their website. We ended up with Heavenly Dilemma which has both chocolate and cheese in it.


The Heavenly Dilemma is served in a pool of white chocolate sauce with dollop of milk chocolate sauce. The crust has a very intense chocolate flavor. The cake is topped with some dark chocolate icing too. This thin slice of cake costs $7.95.

We enjoyed the cake with a chai tea and hot apple cider.


We did some window shopping in Metropolis before we ended up in the food court for lunch. It was about noon and the crowd had started. We browsed through all the food stalls and finally we made up our mind to have Nandos Chicken and Tim Horton’s new chilli and garlic bread combination.


The chilli has meat, beans and mushrooms but not spicy. It goes well with the garlic bread. We wished we had more garlic bread as there was more than enough chili for dipping. This costs only $3.99.

Polly also bought a cheesy scone from Tim Horton for only 50cents. Polly loves scones.


We had a fun day out and look forward to the next meeting.

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  1. Andaliman

    goshhhhhhhh that cake looks so yummy…

  2. Andaliman

    No wonder I have heard about this before. I checked the website, they have franchise in Jakarta, but they don’t have franchise in Winnipeg… hikss I want it

  3. Causalien

    They have scones in timmy? Ever since I left New Zeland I’ve been dying for one.

  4. Chubbypanda

    I love these cake meets you do.

    – Chubbypanda

  5. Catherine

    That looks SCRUMPTIOUS! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sue

    I love to taste the chili sauce you had with garlic bread. Do you know how to make it as well?

  7. Lee Ping

    I too, was a little disappointed by Death By Chocolate.

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