Il pappagallo Caffe – Home of Ultimate Cheesecake

With the recommendation from Stephanie, Polly and I went to Il Pappagllo Caffe at Hastings St and Sperling for our third cake meet. It was quite a long drive from Richmond.

Pappagallo Caffe is a small, cozy caffe with lots of retro posters decorating its walls. The caffe has a good flow of customers.


There are a few cheesecakes to choose from; blueberry, strawberry, caramel, turtles, tiramisu, etc.

Polly went for the turtles cheesecake. It was topped with chocolate, caramel and nuts. It is a very rich tasting cheesecake. The crust is quite thick and crumbly though.


Polly enjoyed her cheesecake with a cup of cappuccino topped with cinnamon powder.


I opted for the strawberry cheesecake for its vibrant color. The tanginess of the strawberry accentuates the cheese flavor. The cheesecake cost only $3.75 per slice and the serving is really big, value for money. The presentation of the cheesecake is rather plain and homey style unlike those served in Trees Organic Coffee and Death By Chocolate.


I had a caffe latte topped with chocolate powder to go with my cheesecake. The drinks cost between $2.50 and $3.00.


Stephanie, thank you for such a great recommendation.

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5 thoughts on “Il pappagallo Caffe – Home of Ultimate Cheesecake

  1. Your pictures are making me drool, you know that? You have an interesting blog and I would like to see you join our network.

    Come visit us if you have the time. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of your content.

  2. Oh great [rolls eyes] thanks Suanne, that just looks waaaaay too good to pass up. And I was just about to start my pre-Christmas “cleansing” ….. but maybe I’ll make a small exception if I’m good ;-P

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