Free Easy Recipes


rrlogoBen is a picky eater, despite him always declaring that he is not.

He is.

He definitely is.

So is Arkensen.

So is Nanzaro … they are ALL picky eaters.

Because of this alone, cooking meals for them is such a difficult thing. Without fail, they would ask at least once a day “what’s for dinner?” … each! I know the boys, they all expect me to cook something different, something nice, something like what I blog about from the Community Kitchens.

Believe it or not … I had only started cooking way after I had gotten married. Yup … mum and maid did all the cooking at home and I never had to do any cooking at all. It was only the past few years I started cooking … serious and not kidding. I started just a few short years before I got pulled into this food blogging madness by Ben!

Now you know that I had no formal nor informal cooking training. I rely a lot on the internet to get many of my recipes. So, a site like Free Recipes from is heaven sent to me. (more…)

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