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I am proud of living in Vancouver BC.

There are many things unique about Vancouver that makes it a city that has no parallel in the world.

West End

There are many words that can describe Vancouver but I also use a very simple word … pretty. How would you describe Vancouver?

In the course of my work, I get visitors from all over the world. Every single one who had been here will end up gawking at our magnificent North Shore Mountains. Who wouldn’t, right? I often bring my visitors to the Stanley Park which I think encompasses everything about Vancouver. Know what I noticed? My visitors were often rather quiet walking the seawall … I think they are awed by the beauty of the city.

I had always proud declared that Vancouver is about the only city in the world where you could sail, golf and ski all on the same day. You need that very special setting like in Vancouver to be able to do that. That is why so many people wants to come to our fair city to live, work and play.

vanvc-11 is a website which caters to primary to the needs of visitors to Vancouver. It is meant to be more than just an online Business Directory, Tourist Information site, or trendy nightclub calendar. It aims at becoming the pulse of Vancouver, BC, the heart that captures it all. It?s the only site where over 2.5 million Metro Vancouver residents and visitors in the Vancouver area and from around the world can locate information: News, Weather, Videos, Business Directory access, “What’s On” events ? in short everything about anything that is Vancouver, BC.


Visitors and residents of Vancouver alike will find that info from the Vancouver Events and Vancouver News section of the website particularly useful. What I enjoy is their exclusive high-quality videos with series on city events, nightlife and tourism. Check out this particular one on Granville Island — a must visit place for everyone visitors and residents:

I like their Top 10 Award page the best. They have quite a comprehensive and useful list of recommended places to eat, do, buy, golf and what nots. They even have one for Top 10 Things To Do on A Rainy Day … now, that’s a useful one for rainy Vancouver! They have a limited Top 10 places to eat … I wish they have more. Vancouver has a lot of offer on the restaurant front and is a major culinary destination.

If there are info you can’t find on the site, you should know that there is also a forum on it.


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