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rrlogoBen is a picky eater, despite him always declaring that he is not.

He is.

He definitely is.

So is Arkensen.

So is Nanzaro … they are ALL picky eaters.

Because of this alone, cooking meals for them is such a difficult thing. Without fail, they would ask at least once a day “what’s for dinner?” … each! I know the boys, they all expect me to cook something different, something nice, something like what I blog about from the Community Kitchens.

Believe it or not … I had only started cooking way after I had gotten married. Yup … mum and maid did all the cooking at home and I never had to do any cooking at all. It was only the past few years I started cooking … serious and not kidding. I started just a few short years before I got pulled into this food blogging madness by Ben!

Now you know that I had no formal nor informal cooking training. I rely a lot on the internet to get many of my recipes. So, a site like Free Recipes from is heaven sent to me.


What I like most about the site is that the recipes are simple and easy to make. I don’t want to labour half my life in the kitchen. I like to watch people cook but I don’t like to cook! So recipes like the ones here are just the kind I like.

browserecipe has a fancy browse widget. It has a very easy, yet comprehensive categorization system. You can look for recipes from all sorts of angles. My favourite is the Healthy Options since Ben had not been really eating healthy with all the dine outs.

I wish chowtimes could mimic that kind of categories. It would be simple to plan out but with over 1000 postings we now have, any changes to existing posts is guaranteed to be a 4 week task!


I am also a coupon clipper. Yes, I am.

Ben thinks I am being cheap but I am saving him money. You should go check out their coupons link of their site. They have almost 100 coupons on their site — no kidding. Unfortunately, they are meant for US customers only but at least most of chowtimes readers are from the US. You may even get coupons emailed to you if you want.

You should check out this Recipe website. Although it appears to be a new website, they have some clever ideas that will make this a site to be reckoned with in the long run. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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