Peanut Butter Pita Bread

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Qn: What is the only food that does not spoil?
An: Honey

Hello all. After eating out the past week, we’re blogging again about food at home. This is my (Suanne’s) creation — I call this PBPB, the Peanut Butter Pita Bread. I am preparing this as a snack for Ben’s flight to Atlanta today.


The PBPB is a very simple snack, filling and easy to carry (i.e. it does not get squished like sandwiches does). I made this for all the guys at home. All of them like it very much. We buy the Pita Pockets from the Superstore about once every two weeks. Each pack comes with 18 pita pockets and costs $4.19. About 23 cents each … it is cheap.


The main ingredients are peanut butter and frosted cornflakes.


I normally microwave the pita for 10 seconds to soften it up. That makes it easier to open up the pocket as they tend to stick together on the insides. Here I have cut the pita in half and is opening up the pocket.


I then spread a generous helping of peanut butter. Ben likes it with a lot of peanut butter. Arkensen and Nanzaro likes it with Nutella spread. You can experiment with all kinds of spread but then you cannot call it a PBPB anymore, right? The frosted cornflakes goes in next.

Here it is … the Peanut Butter Pita Bread, PBPB. If you try it out at home, let me know how the people at home likes it.

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  1. BuddingCook

    this entry made me smile cause i’ve made this before!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i also microwave my pitas a bit. it taste pretty good. never ate it with corn flakes though. maybe i should try it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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