Hon’s on No. 3 Road (Again)

Updated: 1st Feb 2015; This restaurant is closed.

Went to Hons again for dinner over the weekend. You know, it’s one of those days when you wanted to eat out but just can’t think of anywhere to go. Their menu is extensive, the food is good, the price is cheap, and parking is easy.


This time we ordered a dinner set for 2 which cost $19.80. The dinner set comes with a soup of your choice, 2 dishes of your choice and 2 dessert soups. We also ordered a bucket of steam rice to go with this. The total cost of the meal comes up to $26 (include tax and tips).

Wonton Soup is the boys favourite. They can eat just this for dinner.


Braised salted fish, diced chicken, straw mushroom and bean curd. This dish is pretty salty eaten on it’s own. You really need steamed rice to go with this.


This dish is quite unique to Hons, the Sauteed prawn, chicken, pineapple and pickled ginger served in a crispy potato nest. The potato nest is crunchy.


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  1. trouble

    Gosh, your food photos are fabulous. Making me hungry!

  2. shirley

    Oh yum! And the price sounds good, too!

  3. J. Kruczek

    Your site always makes me hungry. Nice photos.

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