Garlic Bread

This is a favourite breakfast of Ben’s. He’s a light eater as far as breakfasts goes and this Garlic Bread is just right. I use the baguette because it is hard and crusty — perfect when toasted. The garlic spread, Parmesan and cheese gives it the extra kick.



  • baguette
  • garlic spread
  • Parmesan cheese
  • shredded cheese



IMG_4474_edited-1First, I preheated the toaster oven to the toast setting. Then, I sliced the baguette at an angle.
IMG_4478_edited-1Next, I spread the sliced baguette with garlic spread.
IMG_4483_edited-1I then sprinkled the Parmesan and shredded cheese on the baguette.
IMG_4487_edited-1The baguette is toasted in the toaster oven for less than 5 minutes. The baguette is ready when the cheese is bubbly and the edges started to brown.

Watch the toaster oven as you would’nt want some burnt garlic bread.

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  1. Christiane

    Oh, now you’ve got me craving garlic bread. That garlic spread looks awesome!

  2. Suanne

    Oh wow, Christiane … I like your site a lot and it’s such an honour that you’ve visited my site! Oh yeah, I can almost eat garlic bread every morning!

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