Classico di Sorrento Bruschetta

During the same groceries shopping trip, Ben also picked up a bruscetta topping for $2.97.

The Classico di Sorrento Brushetta make it so simple to prepare bruschetta. You can easily whip up a snack or prepare a party tray of appetizer in just a few minutes.

All we need is a french baguette, a clove of garlic, some extra virgin olive oil and the Classico di Sorrento Bruschetta topping.


Slice the french baguette at diagonal about 1/2″ thick. Brush with olive oil and toast in a toaster oven for 2 minutes. Flip over the french baguette to brown the other side.


Rub a piece of garlic on the toasted baguette to impart the garlic flavor.


Top with a teaspoon or more of the Classico di Sorrento Bruschetta.


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  1. Mary Bourke

    I would like to know how long Classico Bruschetta will keep after the jar is opened? Can you help me? Mary

  2. Suanne

    Hi Mary Bourke, when I opened up a jar, I will try to finish it within a week or two, no longer than that.

  3. Audrey D'Emilio

    Where can I purchase this brushetta? I may need to order this in bulk – maybe around 150 or so…

  4. carole wadle

    can I purchase this on line?


    I want to know where I can buy Classico Bruschetta. I bought it in Florida, but I live in Pittsburgh PA. Please tell me the stores I can get it, Thanks

  6. Beth

    You can buy Bruschetta at any Sam’s club there is one in Dothan Al, and one in Panamal City Florida. It is around $7.00 and the best you will ever find a jar lasts me over a month and a half because I am the only one eating it. Alot better than buying tomatoes and throwing them away.

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