Seoul Day 2: Dinner

We went out to explore the city in the evening after a good nap.

Namdaemun Gate

Namdaemun Gate

The Namdaemum Gate was reconstructed after a fire.


An interesting shape buildings in the neighbourhood.


A pretty big sculpture in the middle of the city.


Another sculpture.

Cheongyecheon Stream

Cheongyecheon Stream

Ben also brought me to see the revitalized stream from a drain.


We went back to Myeongdong for dinner. This time, we explored another side of Myeongdong which we did not go to the first day.


Myeongdong is always bustling with tourists and locals and brightly lit. There is also underground shopping mall which connects subway stations.

The rain started to come down again. So, we went to a chicken restaurant to have dinner.


Fried chicken is also popular in Seoul. These were lightly battered and fried to crispy on the outside and still moist inside.


Some pickles came with the fried chicken to cleanse our palate. This meal came to KRW15900 (about CAD15.90). Meals in Myeongdong is slightly more expensive.

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