Dried Ginger

This is just a filler entry. A quickie to make sure that we have a blog a day while we take a couple of days off from our regular blog.

We came across this Dried Ginger from one of the Asian Stores in Richmond. This apparently came from Vietnam and costs only $1.39.

Ginger root is an effective treatment for nausea caused by motion sickness, and it also contains many antioxidants. Chinese women eat lots of ginger during their confinement month after giving birth. It is believe that ginger will help to get rid of wind after child birth.


There must have been about over 40 pcs of thin slices of ginger each about 3-4cm in the container.


The dried ginger actually tastes better than we expected. There is a hint of ginger, not overwhelming at all. What we like is the accompanied sweetness from the sugar coating. The heat of the ginger does linger in the throat and tongue for some time.


This is something that once you take a piece, you just keep on eating one after another. Very nice.

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