Itty Bitty Cheeseburger

Suanne is supposed to blog this entry. She and I had the agreement that I blog the dine-out entries when she handles the recipes and food reviews. I somehow got conned into agreeing to blog this. Don’t know how that happened. As usual, she had a certain charm she employs to get the way she wants things done. So here it is.

Suanne bought a new type of burgers called Itty Bitty Cheeseburgers from Costco last week. These are mini-sized burgers. We like the novelty of such small burgers. Seems like a fun food and great for parties — perfect as finger food.


From the picture above, it does seem a lot like regular burgers. The texture of the bun, cheese and the patty looks great. It’s quite juicy, tender and savory. We know that Arkensen and Nanzaro would love this. What more it’s something they could make themselves if they want to have a quick snack.


These comes frozen. All you need to do is to place the frozen burgers on a microwavable plate, lined with a paper towel and pop them into the microwave oven. Easy and clean. It takes 20-25 seconds to make 1 burger and 3 minutes for 12 burgers.

Each box of 24 mini burgers costs $10.79. Why, that makes it out to be only 45 cents each. Each burger is just 35g and had an estimated 110 calories.


So, how itty-bitty is it? Here it is:


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  1. Fleagirl

    How do they taste? I made 87 billion of these for a backyard event, and everyone loved them–but oy vey! it was a lot of work. I made the patties and buns myself. And put pickles and ketchup on as well…And it probably cost me close to 45cents per.

  2. Rosa

    Those are so cute. I bet my teenager could eat a couple of boxes though!

  3. Ben

    Hi Sam: Wow! That was so awesome!!

  4. Matt

    Oh my god oh my god!!! When did these things come into the world I will never eat another bagel bite as long as i live!!!

  5. Jennifer

    I used to get these at costco but they no longer carry them. Where can I get them?

  6. Ben

    Hi Jennifer: We got them from Costco too. Now that you mention it, we had not seen these around anymore. Maybe this is seasonal and they’ll be out again during the summer months? *shrugs*

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