KL Series: Airline Meals on EVA Air

Nanzaro and I flew Economy on EVA Air from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur to attend my father’s funeral. It was the cheapest flight we could get at such short notice. Man, I know that airline meals are bland but we did not expect it to be this bad. I tried eating anyway but Nanzaro hardly took a bite of the meals.

The flight took almost 20 hours with a 3 hr stopover in Taipei. During the flight, there were a total of three meals.

The first meal (served at about 2am in the morning!) was fish and rice. The rice was soggy and mushy. It was terrible. I took two bites and just gave up.


The fruits and salad looked colourful and that’s about it. I only took the fruits and did not touch the salad at all.


They also served Russian Ice-cream — Macadamia Nut and Vanilla. The outer side of the ice-cream was very soft and almost melted. This looks nice but melted ice-cream is just urgh!


I was not particularly hungry anyway. So I tried to sleep but simply can’t. So, I just watched the inflight movie and did some reading.

Breakfast is even worse. They asked me if I wanted rice soup. Rice Soup? Sounds OK to me but what I saw was far from what I had pictured it to be. It is a horribly looking glob of overcooked porridge with some slices of beef. I took two bites and decided I had enough.


Nanzaro was sleeping when they came around. I gotten for him the “chicken” dish which includes fettucini. The fettucini was all dried up and hard. Nanzaro did not eat this too. I left the chicken alone and finished off the pasta. I was beginning to feel hungry myself.


At least the bread was warm, soft and more importantly actually tastes like normal food.


On the Taipei to KL route, we had better meal. This time is was omelette, sausage, potatoes and tomato.


The fruits was pretty OK too.


So were the croissant and yogurt. This meal I finished everything.


You know what is the best meal for Nanzaro? It was the cup noodles! He hardly ate anything and I know he was hungry. He went to the back of the plane after this first helping to ask the stewardess for a second helping. Am glad to see him ate so much — was getting worried because he could not take the airline meal.


I must say I did not enjoy the flight and the meals at all. I would have avoided EVA Air if not for the fact that they have the cheapest fares. Oh well …

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  1. Chubbypanda


    Poor Nanzaro. I remember how difficult those flights to Taipei were when I was his age. Did you get a change to leave the airplane and stretch your legs during the layover?

    Although it’s been years since I flew to Asia, the food on EVA wasn’t usually that bad. Perhaps they changed suppliers.

    – Chubbypanda

  2. Keith L. Dick

    I think Airline for is prepared like the Food on a Passenger Train… They pre cook it to a point and keep it warm then finish it just before serving…

    The food on the AMTRAK Trains here in the States is so bad you will probably get sick from it….

  3. Windy

    I couldn’t believe how bad the inflight meal you had from EVA, esp. the melted ice-cream – disgusting!

    I wonder why the purser would overcook the food – either she worried that the food won’t be hot enough (I mean you can’t just judge on the container being hot = food is hot) or they had a rubbish oven which made all the food dry up!

  4. Andaliman

    I have no experience with EVA air. I had good meals from Thai Airlines and CX.

  5. Windy

    Oh! I realise I made a mistake. I mean ‘the container is hot doesn’t mean the food is hot’. Sorry. 🙂

  6. sally

    That food looked so bad! It was beyond disgusting!!

  7. Shen

    Food is unbelievably bad, getting worse for the past 5 years. Like Nanzaro I survived on bread and fruits, and filled up at the transit lounges. The shows are even more limited each year. Sighhhh…. if not for the low fare.

  8. Chung Wang

    Great photos, I got hungry looking at them. Boy does Eva do a great job with their meals in coach class, good luck finding anything better. I fly internationally and Eva is one of the best when it comes to comfort and service!

  9. Mindy

    I had a round-trip flight from Houston to Vietnam just a couple days ago. Their food was the best one I have had so far compare to other airlines. I rarely eat vegetable at home but I ate all of them on the flight because they cooked it so good and it was so delicious when combined with the stew chicken.

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