Tim Tam

I had heard a long time about this snack which is very popular in Australia. I came across this at the Real Canadian Superstore some weeks ago. I would have missed seeing this if not because the Superstore placed a big signage of it at the end-cap.


Tim Tam is basically a chocolate biscuit. It is made of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filing and coated with a layer of chocolate.


It’s amazing how a simple chocolate biscuit became such a popular snack in Australia. I think it largely because of the way Tim Tams are supposed to be eaten. I had been told that the right way to eat Tim Tam is to bite off two corners of the biscuit and then use it like a drinking straw to suck up hot chocolates.


You got to suck it really hard and fast as the insides does melt away really fast and makes the biscuit collapse. My boys always have a hot chocolate before they sleep and they love Tim Tams.


Any Aussie reader on this blog? Any tips on how best to eat Tim Tam? I am sure there are ways to prevent this biscuit from falling apart so fast.

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  1. Windy

    Hmm… Tim Tam, lovely little devil. Quite miss it thou… don’t think I could find it nearby where I live. Oh well, at least I tried it.

  2. Nigel

    Love your blog. I believe its called the Tim Tam suck 😛 Or so ive been led to believe. Tim Tams are great. Different varieties here including caramel & dark dark chocholate hmmmmmmmmm :P.Not sure of other ways to eat it though…

  3. WendyWings

    The best way to eat them is just like a cookie instead of a straw lol. The tim tam trick is just something of a party trick. Not everyone eats them that way. We have new ones out now the Love Potion range of Tim Tams they are to die for.
    Not an aussie but right next door in New Zealand. Have a great day

  4. Sushi

    Im an aussie reader. Gosh, these Tim Tams, so many varieties available here in australia – now there’s “love potions” which is pretty much the Tim Tam itself, but the inside is like strawberry.

    Well, I found the best way to eat it, is lengthways and by taking bigger bites.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Suzanne

    Yum. I’ve never heard of these chocolate biscuits (cookies). I guess they aren’t available in the USA.
    But anything you dunk in hot chocolate is bound to be yummy!

    Suzanne Lieurance
    Three Angels Gourmet Co.

  6. Mooshmouse

    It’s actually called the “Tim Tam Slam”. To do it properly, bite off two diagonally opposing corners and then suck the coffee or hot chocolate through it. As you’ve probably already found out, this is a one-shot deal because the Tim Tam disintegrates rather quickly… pop the whole thing in your mouth right away or the bottom half will fall into your cup!

  7. Rukya, London

    Those Tim Tams looks delicious. Over here in the UK, we have a similar-looking chocolate biscuit called Penguin which, according to the wikipedia entry, pre-dates Tim Tams by over three decades. Apparently, Arnott’s Tim Tams were based on McVitie’s Penguin.

  8. larrybored

    never knew tim tam’s are from down under. Thought they’re from US. It’s available in some stores in my country – philippines. yum yum

  9. jaybird

    yummmy tim tams.
    im from Western Australia. we call that maneouver the Tim Tam Slam here.
    try them frozen in summer, so good
    or for a true aussie bikkie experience shove a tim tams between two Milk arrowroots and microwave- heaven

  10. Julia

    I call it a tim tam slam. Its actually supposed to fall apart, you suck up as much as you can, then shove it in your mouth before it falles apart. But it you dont want it to fall apart, try drinking milk through it

  11. Roz,

    I’m an aussie, and eating it frozen is LOVELY in summertime, have never sucked chocolate through it, as I heard it really disintergrates fast. but I have been known to give it a go with milk.. unknown to my kids, they’d be horrified.. not their ‘mother’ hehehe !!

  12. Deni

    im an aussie too and LOVE tim tams!! i dont usually do the ‘slam’ but pull the twp layers apart and eat the filling first! mmm. the dunk is best on a cold winters night with hot choc, but u only suck a bit through them, just enough for the filling to start to melt!!

  13. keren

    I’m an aussie and I love tim tams, was amazed to hear you dont get them in the US! I love drinking hot chocolate through them, the filling melts then it gets all gooey and soft and yum, part of the fun is trying to get it all in your mouth before it collapses, it does get kinda messy. But I eat them normally as well, never tried them frozen, will do as it is stinking hot here at the moment!

  14. Bonnie

    Aussie reader here, when I first came to Australia from HK I wasn’t exactly in love with tim tams but then they grew on me and oh they are heaven…
    They have so many varieties now, like mint, strawberry (fundraiser for breast cancer research), even chilli!

  15. Kay

    Everyone has the right idea but they have failed to mention a fundamental strategy to avoid the messy collapse senario. After taking small bites off opposite corners and sucking up your hot beverage (coffee, tea, hot milk) until it just comes into your mouth

    ****This is the key**** place the end of the Tim Tam closest to the hot beverage in your mouth first as this is the least stable part.

    For the kids i would recommend just dunking the Tim Tam in the hot beverage a centimetre at a time (eating the soggy bit after each dunk). Same taste but much more managable.

  16. liza

    HEllo! I love tim tams, so I was shocked to find that THEY DO NOT EXIST in the U.S.A!!!!! (if you want to eat them without them falling apart, u can freeze them first-it works for me!)^^ (i am from australia, so i kno wat there like!I MISS THEM!

    1. Ben

      Hi All: I just received an email from Gail saying that “Tim Tams are available at Target stores, in the cookie aisle”. So, you do get Tim Tams in the US after all.

  17. jt

    Egads! You let your kids have hot chocolate & biscuits every night, right before bedtime? I hope you make them brush their teeth after.

  18. joseph

    hey guess what? I love tim tam! it’s just something the taste and the internal chocolate on the biscuits puts a lot of tender loving care. No wonder arnotts are very proud of their quality products. actually Tim Tam do not originate in US. It originate in Australia, I could remember 3 months ago I was in AU, with my mum and dad, and I was eating Tim Tam every snack at dreamworld in Queensland australia.. whew!

    and hopefully I could found Tim Tam at the nearest SM Malls in the Philippines regardless of MOA.

  19. Tira


    Yes, I agree, Tim Tams are simply the best! I come from Australia so they’re pretty common here. Sipping up hot chocolate with a Tim Tam is a bit too sweet for me so I never do it. But I do like to sip up cold milk with the Tim Tam. It’s like having chocolate cookies with milk only better! …and slightly naughtier…

  20. butterfingers

    been following your blog lately, i’m a student who is researching on australian cuisine for a project. As you stated, Tim Tams are a popular australian treat so I was wondering if you could tell me which superstore you bought it from. Also, any suggestions as to where I can buy some Australian products in Vancouver, if possible. Hehe…sorry if it seems like I’m asking you to do my homework but I have been having trouble finding things related to Australian cuisine. 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hi butterfingers: The Superstore we bought it from was the one on No 3 Road, Richmond. I would think Tim Tam is widely available and you can probably get it is any of the Superstores. Ben

  21. HM

    OMG! Came across the blogs on Tim Tam only today. Been searching for this here after my Australian classmate brought some to me in 2008. Will stock up this weekend. Quite surprised they carry this at Superstore. Thanks Ben! Great frozen and eaten with vanilla icecream (yunno, like icecream on a chocolate waffle….yum!!), drizzle with strawberry sauce or chocolate fudge.

  22. fmed

    London Drugs is my source for Tim Tams. I’m not a chocolate fiend, but I can eat an entire package of Tim Tams in one sitting.

  23. grayelf

    We have a serious Tim Tam hound in our house — I alternate getting them at Safeway in Kits or at London Drugs per fmed — LD is the only one nearby that gets the dark choc flavour, Safeway only has reg choc and caramel.

  24. HM

    great to know so many places selling this item in Vancouver!

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