Hon’s on No. 3 Road revisited

Updated: 8th Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed.

It is getting tougher to decide where to eat out these days. The boys are getting more assertive on where they want to go. About the only place that is neutral is Hon’s on the No 3 Road in Richmond. This is because they have something on the menu that will appeal to everyone. The price is right, the service is respectful, and the menu is extensive.

The only thing we gripe about is the lack parking. I don’t hang around the parking lot waiting for a spot. I will just drive directly to the roof top parking in the building across from Hon’s. There is always spots there.


One of things Suanne normally will get from Hon’s is BBQ’d pork feet. They have the largest and meatiest pork feet we know of. Moreover, it is really cheap … about $3 for a pair. They are great for making Pickled Mustard and Tofu Soup.


What I always like about Hons is their open kitchen. We normally would peek at what is being cooked to help decide what we want.


Despite the popularity and crowd, we had hardly need to wait for tables. The turnaround is really quick … lots of seats available. It could be chaotic for those not used to these type of Chinese restaurants.


This time I had Beef Tendon Dry Noodles. You get to choose the type of noodles … I got the wide egg noodle because I felt it absorbs the sauce better. The beef tendon was fabulous. It’s an acquired taste … not many people likes it but I love the soft texture.


For those not initiated to Chinese noodles, when you order dry noodles, you are normally given a bowl of broth.


I can’t recall what Suanne ordered or the reason why she ordered this plain dish. Seems like just noodles with some sauce. Between us, she is awful in choosing dishes, I kid you not. That’s why she always raid our plates all the time.


Sigh … what can I say … it’s always fried rice for Arkensen and Nanzaro.


Total bill is $23 including tax and tips. As long as it’s below $25, it’s a cheap meal for the four of us.

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