Dim Sum at Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road in Richmond

This will be my last dim sum meet with Polly before the summer holiday starts.  For this meet, we also invited a couple more friends, Joyce and Angie. For dim sum, the more the merrier as we can try more items. Besides the adults, we also have Nanzaro, along with Polly’s son and Joyce cute toddler joining us.


We met at Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road in Richmond which we have not been to before. The restaurant is big, perhaps occupying 3 or more shop lots.


This is another restaurant with Chinese style banquet decorations at one end of the restaurant. The restaurant is not too busy as we were there on a Friday.


This is one of the few cart system dim sum place in Richmond. Such places are more user friendly as one can see the food before you order them. Good for people who are not familiar with dim sum.


The restaurant offers 20% discount on Sunday nights. Perhaps, Sunday nights are the quieter nights.


Click on the photos above to see larger view of the specials.


A typical dim sum practice to serve two pot of drink, one for tea and another for hot water. You may refill the tea pot with the hot water yourself.


A common condiment served at dim is chili sauce and Chinese mustard sauce.


We started off the the very common ‘Har Gao” and “Siew Mai’ for the kids. Siu Mai is Elliot’s favourite. The steamed items were served piping hot.


We had the ‘Sin Jook Guen’ which is Steamed Bean Curd Roll and Deep Fried Prwan Spring Rolls as a contrast in texture. More dim sum follows …


The above Steamed Spareribs with Black Bean sauce is meant for the adults as the spareribs are boney. It was slightly spicy and we liked that it is served with pumpkin.


Lor Mai Gai (Stick Rice Wrap in bamboo leaves) is filled with ground pork. Kids like this dish.


Another ids favourite, Prawn Cheong Fun (Steamed Rice Rolls with Prawns). There are many variation to this, i.e. filled with other ingredients like BBQ pork, beef, pork liver, scallop, etc.


Angie wanted the Char Siew Bao as she said dim sum is not complete without it. These are moist.


Har Gok (Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling) is served with mayo. A western take to the Chinese dim sum.


For dessert, we had the Zeen Duy, Fried Sesame Glutinous Ball with Red Bean Paste.


This is another dim sum using the check out sheet system. Not sure the categorization of the items we ordered.


It looked like the small dim sum is $3.25, medium dim sum is $4.10 and the large dim sum is $4.60.

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  1. HM

    Awwwww………..I see you didn’t order the egg tart. Theirs is very flaky & filling is so creamy!

  2. grayelf

    Thanks for another review of a dim sum house with *CARTS* in Richmond, Suanne! I now have three on my nascent ‘burbs list: Continental, South Ocean and Golden Sea City (confirmed carts by reliable reporters!).

    In Burnaby I have Po King and Harbour Pacific, though I haven’t personally confirmed carts at these two yet.

    If any of your readers know of other carts places in the GVRD, I’d love to hear about them…

    1. HM

      Grayelf, another “cart” dim-sum restaurant is Golden Swan on Vitoria Dr. & 37th Ave, Vancouver. Be warned: huge har-gow & siu-mai!!

  3. Amy

    I’ve enjoyed reading your dim sum reviews. I’m in Vancouver on vacation and we’re trying to decide on a cart dim sum place. I’m a bit dismayed at the photo of Har Gok you posted for her and Gala — I’ve never seen that fried before; all the shrimp dumplings at dim sum restaurants in the U.S. that I’ve visited offer it steamed. Is that an option as well at Continental and other cart dim sum places in Vancouver/Richmond? Or is the fried version the kind served around here?

  4. Amy

    Oops, I’m tired from reading too many posts. I see now there are two shrimp dumplings in your review. The traditional steam one is still there. Whew. Sorry!

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