Chili in Indian Sauce

Karen made a Chili using some Indian Sauce she got from the food bank. It is a good way to introduce new flavour to your family to expand their culinary experience. This is a vegetarian dish. Karen served the chili with basmati rice and salad greens on the side.


The Chili in Indian Sauce is so simple and quick to prepare. The sauce is sold in microwaveable pouch which is ready to eat.


The sauce Karen used is Baingan Bharta which is roasted aubergines in a tangy sauce infused with rich Indian spices. The sauce is not too spicy.

The sauce can be served on itself but Karen used it to make a chili dish. This way, she can served a large group of people in a small budget in the community kitchen.


To make this Chili in Indian sauce is very simple. First, drain the canned beans of your choice.


Saute some fresh vegetables like onion, celery or green onion in a pan. The vegetables add freshness and flavour to the dish.


Once the vegetables are softened, add the pouch of Indian sauce.


Add the beans and some chopped tomatoes (if you like) and stir to mix well. You just need to ensure all the ingredients are heat through.

Here you are, a simple, flavorful and nutritious meal in less than 15 minutes.


Besides the Baingan Bharta (aubergine sauce), there are other flavours like Paneer Makhani (cottage cheese cooked in rich creamy tomato gravy), Sarson Ka Saag (fresh mustard leaves with aromatic herbs and spices) and Dal Tadka (Dal sauce).