Migrating From MovableType To WordPress and a New Blog

Update 27Jan 7pm: Alright … I think we got it all figured out now. Chowtimes.com will start to go dark anytime soon. The go-dark period will likely be 24-72 hours. The site is temporarily up at http://chowtimes.26miler.com. When you see a “corvette” you will know that the migration to WordPress had been completed. (blowing a bye kiss to MovableType!)

Update 26Jan 5pm: We got going again. We have created an interim site here if you want to have a sneak peak. Migrating all our photos will take a long time … estimated 7 hrs. We’ve got more pictures than we thought we had!

Update 26Jan 5am: Sigh … this is going to take longer than I thought! Am utterly stuck at this and working out the steps with my new hosting’s support. Stay tuned.

Hi All:

Suanne and I will start migrating chowtimes.com from MovableType to WordPress starting tonight. If all goes well, you will not notice any difference except that when we are done, you will see a new look and feel of the site.

It’s a complex move for us because we had not done it before. However, we felt that we must migrate it sooner or later because we were so impressed with what WordPress could do better and easier than what we can do on MovableType. We should be be done by end of day Saturday. Wish us luck!

So, to tide you guys over for the next little while, I want to announce to chowtimes reader my new blog … http://26miler.com. I hope you will enjoy it as much as you had on chowtimes. It is a chronicle of my attempt to complete (notice that I did not say run) the marathon this year.

Ben and Suanne

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  1. gigi

    welcome to the WordPress family! My blog is on WordPress too and I love how it’s so easy to use and manage 🙂

  2. Polly

    Hi Ben & Suanne

    I love the WordPress type, big pic. Great jobs!!

  3. Arturo R

    Hi Ben,

    Noticed from your heading “Ben and Suannne’s Food and Travel Adventure from Bristish Columbia, BC” Should BC be Canada? Anyway, more power to your site. It’s getting better and better each year.

    Call me at the office to set up our lunch date.


  4. Ronald

    I’m new to blogging. What does wordpress allow you to do that is so much better than any other?

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