Seattle: Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery in Burlington

Right in front of the Popeyes Chicken, sharing the same building is an ice-cream store called the Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery. “Treatery” — is that even a word? We thought it was a real nice word and decided to give ourselves a treat after the Fried Chicken lunch.


Maggie Moo’s ice-creams are freshly made in store. Since our first trip there, we had been there three times already. We simply love their super rich ice-cream and especially their prices.

You can have the ice-cream in any way you want. You could order one of their creations which they call “Fresh Escape”. We tried that (sorry no pictures) and they were simply awesome. Selecting from one of their dozen or so choices were bewildering to say the least. But it will cost you something like $6 or so.

Alternatively, you could go the traditional route of ordering a base flavor and then select one of their many mix-ins. However, the cheapest alternative is to just choose a wafer cone and a couple of ice-cream flavours.


We learned that if you just select a chocolate coated wafer bowl and then two large scoops of ice-cream, it will cost just slightly over two bucks. It’s a very nice dessert after the fried chicken lunch.

Believe it or not, but we had never been to any ice-cream places in Vancouver before. There is one place we want to check out sometime this spring … Vivo’s. Do you know of any such ice-cream places in Vancouver, or Richmond?

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  1. Jessica

    There’s a dairy in Ferndale WA right before the border. They have the BEST icecream ever! It is unbelievably good and it costs like 50 cents/cone.

    Also if you ever head up to Harrison there’s the Sealtest dairy on Yale Road in Rosedale. They have about 30 different flavors and it’s like $2/cone. The Bailey’s Irish Cream is very yummy! We stopped there on the way to Harrison both times we went this year!

  2. fresh_one

    Great series so far. As for ice cream, I always like La Casa Gelato on Venables St. in Vancouver. They have 200+ flavors and some are really unique. You can even sample each and every one of them!

  3. SusanRunner

    There is a busy ice cream shop on Denman near Davie that does the mixing of add ins on a frozen stone block.

    BTW. Those cones are called waffle cones, not wafer cones.

  4. monkey

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any decent ice-cream places in vancouver. La Case Gelato is so expensive (I think $4 for one single scoop), much like the places along Denman Street.

  5. Kay

    ohh…. I would eat outside in.

  6. Gwen

    It’s really annoying how there aren’t ice cream shops in Vancouver. I have to get my dig in at Casa – they are overrated. You can tell that their 218 flavours comes from adding two or three flavours together and it’s horribly expensive: $4 for a scoop up to $8 for 3 scoops!
    I hope an ice cream shop (that doesn’t need the bells and whistles of the Cold Slab Creamery) can survive in this town but I wonder….

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