Stepping Stones Bakery Cafe on Main St, Vancouver

Updated: 3rd August 2010, this restaurant had been closed according to Urbanspoon.

It was a very wet fall day. It rained for the whole day. Polly and I did not let the weather stop us from going for our sweet fix. This time we visited Stepping Stones Bakery Cafe at 5679 Main St, Vancouver.


Due to the rain, I only took a photo of this signage in front of the store. I did not want my camera to get wet in the rain trying to take a photo of the store front.


Despite of the rain, Stepping Stones Bakery Cafe is a busy place. The only problem is the bakery only has 5 small tables which seat 2 customers each and a few high chairs counter seating. The place is almost full all the time during our visit.

Stepping Stones Bakery Cafe emphasizes on good old fashion baking using only fresh ingredients just like grandma make it. Their artisan bread are all natural without preservation, using 100% unbleached flour. They are hand shaped, proved and baked right here in the store.

We were quite happy to see the variety of cakes, squares, cookies, etc at their counters. We ordered 4 items to share because some of the items are relatively small in size and cheap.


The first item is Roasted Yam with Garlic and Rosemary which costs $2.25 for a small serving. The yam is sweet and has a strong flavour of rosemary. We asked the yam to be heated up as we preferred something warm is a cold and wet fall day.


Next we had a Spinach Feta Scone which cost $1.70. It is served warm with butter. We enjoyed this lightly savory scone which is different from the usual sweet scones we normally find in the bakery.


After the savory scone, we tried the Lemon Square which costs $1.80. The Lemon Square is not as sour as I expected. It is a great appetizer though as the sourness does bring up one’s appetite.


The last item we shared is the Cappuccino Square which also cost $1.80. It has a nutty base, a coffee/chocolaty middle layer and a white chocolate top. The top layer is sweet and creamy. This is a great ending to a meal.


We had a Macchiato ($3.45) and Chai Tea Latte ($3.40) for our drinks. The total bill came to $15.15. However, when I paid the bill with mastercard, they charged me $15.40 but refunded me with a quarter. I had never encounter such practice in other store before.

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  1. RobynT

    ooh, the savory items look great! i wish more cafes like this had savory items!

  2. cutemommy

    Yummy! Those lemon and cappuccino square looks delicious

  3. rb

    they are closing their shop saturday march 28th 2009.

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